Phun with Physics

Posted by Kaya Kupferschmidt • Wednesday, January 21. 2009 • Category: General

While browsing on, I found a really nice educational (?) 2D physics simulator called Phun. The physics engine is a commercial multibody simulator, which seems to be new in the physics scene (at least I never heard of AgX before).

And now, don't waste your time on my blog, and Grab Phun here.

Cygwin + Avira = Nogo

Posted by Kaya Kupferschmidt • Monday, June 4. 2007 • Category: General
I have been using Microsoft Windows as my primary operating system since Windows 95, but I have always prefered the NT line for its superior stability and security (if configured right). I always use a normal user account for my daily work (not even a Power User account) and the Administrator account for installing software or changing the computer configuration. Plus I do not opene every attachment I get in all those virus mails :-) This way I have been virus free for about 10 years.

But I thought it could be a nice idea to install an AntiVirus program for increased safety. I decided to use Avira, simply because it has a free version for home users and I didn't hear anything bad about it. After some time I even decided to buy the premium edition that has some additional features, and I thought that I was happy.

Then I found out that my notebook seemed to have a hardware defect. When I tried to build a large "make" based project within Cygwin, the korn shell would stall after some minutes and I could not kill it any more. First I suspected bad memory, so I ran some memory tests - no result. So I was thinking that the CPU could have suffered to much and could be broken. I started to look around for a new notebook, although I really didn't want to buy a new one, as my old one was still good enough for me (if it worked).

After a week, I thought that maybe the crashes of the shell could be a software problem. So I uninstalled some applications. No change at all - unless I uninstalled the Avira AntiVirus package. Simply disabling the virus scanner did not make any change, but after I uninstalled the whole package, I could compile again! After some hours of successful compilation I searched google for "Cygwin Avira" - bingo, there are some well-known problems.

Conclusion: If you want to use Cygwin, don't even install Avira, or you might suffer.

The Tulse Luper Journey

Posted by Kaya Kupferschmidt • Thursday, January 4. 2007 • Category: General
I am a big fan of the english avantgarde director Peter Greenaway, who made the films (among many others)

Now Peter Greenaway has an exciting new project called The Tulse Luper Journey, which is more than only a film. It is a story about a fictive man called Tulse Luper (who already appeared in some of Greenaways previous works), who was imprisoned for his whole life - mistaken for someone important, a spy, a lover, an artist, a writer and an observer. Luper has packed a total of 92 suitcases in his life reflecting his subjective view of the history of the 20th century. The complete project includes three feature films, a TV series, 92 DVDs, CD-ROMs, and books.

The Tulse Luper Journey also contains an online game which is still going. You can win a Tulse Luper DVD box and a journey round the world.

Need an Old Version of a Software?

Posted by Kaya Kupferschmidt • Sunday, January 15. 2006 • Category: General
By chance I stumbeled over a very useful website offering old versions of programs for download. You might ask why some people might prefer not to use the latest sotware? Well, not every version upgrade automatically means better software. Plus modern software tends to be heavywight with tons of options and unnecessary bloat - while earlier versions of the same program were fast, easy to use and small.

And especially web-designers might want to take a look at that site, because there are tons of old browsers available. These form an important tool for all HTML-people in order to verify that their pages can be viewed not only on a broad base of different browsers, but also on different versions of the same browser.

So, here is the link: to that important site.

Pictures from our Wedding

Posted by Kaya Kupferschmidt • Tuesday, October 11. 2005 • Category: General
For all curious people, there are some pictures online from our wedding on our special wedding-homepage


Just married...

Posted by Kaya Kupferschmidt • Monday, September 19. 2005 • Category: General
Just to inform all my readers: My girlfriend and me just married this Staurday (September, 17th), it was a wonderful day for my wife and me, thanks to all our guests! And an important note to everyone: I changed my name from Kaya Memisoglu to Kaya Kupferschmidt, you can also reach me from now on by using the new e-mail address

More details soon...

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