Disable DHCPv6 on AVM Fritzbox

Posted by Kaya Kupferschmidt • Wednesday, January 25. 2012 • Category: Hardware

If you own a FritzBox router from AVM and use IPv6, this might be interesting for you. If IPv6 is enabled, all clients will get a IPv6 DNS server from the router. Although this might seem to be a nice feature, it creates problems if you run your own DNS server for your local net. All Windows clients first will ask the IPv6 DNS server configured from the FritzBox, and then ask other IPv4 DNS servers. This might be especially bad, if you configured some hostnames in your own DNS server differently for your local net than for the internet (this makes sense if you run some server in your net which is also accessible from the internet). In such situations you really want to get rid of that DNS server announced from the FritzBox.

Unfortunately this is not possible from the GUI, but you can disable DHCPv6 (which is used for announcing) by changing some config file on the FritzBox. So you need to do the following:

  1. Enable telnet via #967.
  2. Login to your FritzBox with telnet fritz.box (or whatever address the FritzBox has in your LAN)
  3. # cd /var/flash
  4. # nvi ar7.cfg
  5. Change the setting dhcpv6lanmode to dhcpv6lanmodeoffstateless
  6. Disable telnet via #968
  7. Reboot the FritzBox

This should completely turn off the DHCPv6 server in the FritzBox.


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