OpenGL - Web 2. 0 Style

Posted by Kaya Kupferschmidt • Monday, December 3. 2007 • Category: OpenGL
Today I stumbled over a new-to-me project on An OpenGL canvas plugin for Mozilla Firefox! The plugin called Canvas 3D only works in the new Firefix 3 line and provides an OpenGL context to Javascript.

In my eyes this opens the doors to many new exciting Web applications (if Javascript turns out to be fast enough), ranging from simple Model Viewers to some advanced online-editors. I wish I could find some time to explore some of the possibilities!


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  1. *>> if Javascript turns out to be fast enough

    JavaScript 2 (a.k.a ECMAScript 4) is getting optional type declarations that will make JIT compilation much easier. Mozilla is already working on a JIT compiler that will probably appear in Firefox 4.


  2. *Oh, I didn't know that. This fact actually increases the sexyness of having an OpenGL canvas in Firefox just by using Javascript.

    I really almost can't wait to play with this plugin!

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