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Posted by Kaya Kupferschmidt • Monday, November 27. 2006 • Category: Programming
I really tried hard to post an entry onto this blog once a month - almost 9 months ago. Now I will retry to populate this blog again with some information. So what am I doing at the moment? I am still working a lot on Magnum in my spare time. Expect an intermediate release soonwith lots of changes inside and outside; among those are:

  • Switch to subversion as a source control system.

  • Switch to scons as a build system.

  • Removal of NVI (non virtual interface) pattern from API.

  • Basic functions for a generic meta-compiler.

  • Added some kind of unittests.

  • Lots of API refacturing and bugfixing.

As you can see, although I haven't updated Magnum for a while, I really have been busy making it a better framework. I guess the rework of the API and the final metacompiler won't be ready for some time, so there will be an intermediate release (I don't want to say "development release", as all releases are mainly for developers) giving a glimpse of the new features mentioned above. And I promise to you, the metacompiler will be really hot!


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  1. *Why did you remove NVI?

  2. *At first the NVI pleased me very much because it seperates the (overridable) implementation from the interface. But in my current project at work I learned that the NVI pattern doesn't offer any other real advantage, but it really has some big disadvantages: 1. With pure interfaces (only pure virtual methods) you are much more forced to design a clean interface. There are still many parts in Magnum that do not have such clean interfaces. 2. With pure virtual interfaces you can the computer generate automatically implementations for remote proxies or such. This is a bit harder with the NVI pattern. 3. Finally google did not give me really good causes for using the non-virtual interface pattern.

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