A new Direction for OpenGL

Posted by Kaya Kupferschmidt • Friday, March 24. 2006 • Category: OpenGL
Today i found a very interesting article about the future of OpenGL on OpenGL.org. The article describes ATI and NVidia thinking about the direction that OpenGL should take in its next releases (they also talk about the new features in OpenGL 2.1, but the proposed direction is far more interesting).

Their idea resembles the original goals of OpenGL 2.0 which propsed a new and clean approach offering backward compatibility only with an additional software layer. Unfortunately this idea was dropped in favor of backward compatibility. Now ATI and NVidia come up with essentially the same idea, the main difference is that they now call it OpenGL 3.0.

Among the features is a new object model (no integer handles any more that placed some special burden upon the drivers - they claim that up to 5% of driver processing time was spent for look-ups), programmable raster operations (stencil, depth and blendmodes will be shaders then), new state objects which will replace the glPush and glPop semantics and the removal of many obsolete features (including display lists wich should be replaced by VBOs).

But I guess we won't see OpenGL 3.0 very soon, if ever at all.


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  1. *We could always call it OpenGL 4.0 :-)

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